Lite2Sound Photodiode Field Recordings

Lightscape at the San Antonio Botanical Garden was a fun exhibit, we had a good time, and for the nice folks who asked what we were doing with the strange recording equipment, here it is.

We are demonstrating the Lite2Sound™ QB Stereo device from Rare Waves LLC.  It captures modulated light from the scene as audio.  The audio soundtrack is a recording of fluctuations in light intensity that were captured by a pair of photodiode amplifiers in the Lite2Sound device.  The audio is dry, it has not been given any special effects or sound processing.

It might be said that this device picks up a hidden layer of reality that has many ambient sounds and frequencies.

Just pointing it out the window and cruising the road, sometimes the city broadcasts its own relaxing ambient music.

This video explains the camera and audio setup that was used to make the Lite2Sound Photodiode Field Recordings videos.

To make the video, we mounted our Lite2Sound QB Stereo and a miniDVD camcorder on a bar, and connected the Rec output of Lite2Sound to the camcorder’s Mic In with a stereo aux cable.  The camcorder’s automatic gain control is active, that is why the noise floor seems to rise and fall.